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Jersey Retreat

Are you ready to step into the rest of your life, in this 3 day Retreat in Jersey.  

Connect with an intimate group of like-minded women who have been through the same feelings of loss and grief. 

Step Into The Rest Of Your Life!

Join us in Jersey on October 26th, 27th & 28th 2023 

As we move through life and experience loss, we lose part of ourselves along the way.

This Retreat is about leading you home, back to YOU!


Our Four Pillar proven approach will help you to...


Day 1 - Connect

Connect to Nature, The Planet, Yourself & Others

Day 1 Includes a sacred tear ritual followed by cacao ceremony.

We will have a Financial Specialist Guest Speaker to talk all things money.


Day 2 - Create

Create the best version of you:-

Vitality, Relationships, Finance & Purpose.

Day 2 will include a private session with a Wim Hoff Trainer to do breathing exercises and Cold Therapy (Ice Bath)

Themed Evening Meal held at St.Brelades Bay Hotel


Day 3 - Celebrate & Curate

Celebrate all of you;

Learn our trusted tools to protect this best version of living

Will include Yoga along with planning and bringing it all into your lives going forward

Additional Info

You will have the opportuntiy to use the amazing Spa facilities & Health Club at the St.Brelades Bay Hotel

Lunch, Snacks & Drinks will be provided for the 3 days

Please note Flights & Hotel are not included in the price.

No plans availableOnce there are plans available for purchase, you’ll see them here.
  • Is Food and Drink Included?
    Yes. Breakfast, lunch, drinks and snacks will be provided on the three days. There will also be an evening meal on the 2nd night. We are therefore giving you the opportunity to either spend the evenings with the rest of the ladies in the retreat or have some free time to allow yourself to relax and rewind.
  • Are flights & Accommodation Included
    Flights and Accommodation are not included in the price as people will be travelling from all over the world and so we would be unable to accommodate and organise everyones travel preferences.
  • Can I pay by instalments
    Yes you can pay in instalments up until September 2023 a month before the retreat. If you wish to pay over any particular instalment plan, please reach out and we will do our best to accommodate it.
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