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Welcome to the The Lost and Found Dragonflies Club

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Navigating the seasons of grief..

The Dragonflies Club: Welcome

Winter Circle ...       It's time

I see you ,

Numbed by your new world of loss , be that loss of a loved life , a relationship , an opportunity …

Unable to ever feel the same way about life again,

You may be in the mid winter of your grief, I want you to know that just as a door mouse finds a snug in between the ancient roots of the old oak tree and feels the support of the warm earth embrace her,

We embrace each other here.

Loss can make you feel like an outsider ,looking in  , watching others around the hearth having fun 

There is a space for you  here.  A comfy seat with a big warm rug for your shoulders , sit by our fire and warm your knees …

Come on in !

I see you out there , passed the facade of “ doing ok”

Join us -

Don’t let your light be blown out in the cold

Allow yourself to welcome in the FREEDOM of being supported , 
It can feel like the soft sand between your toes as you walk along the ocean’s edge on a warm evening , like the softness of slippers on cold toes , the cosiness of a hot bowl of soup and the joy of laughing again with friends