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Customer Testimonials

Debbie is a wonderful listener, a warm, caring person and an inspirational coach. 
I’ve been working with Debbie for around 2 years now and she has been pivotal  in my Personal Development Journey. Using the OOM tools combined with her experience, she has helped me to explore different parts of my personality, uncover deep-routed beliefs about my potential and facilitate my growth beyond what I could have ever imagined was possible when we started out. 
Each session, she’s helped me to explore what my big rocks are and helped me to prioritise the things adding to the ‘noise’ in order for me to focus in on what is truly important. 
I believe that whilst Personal Development is an ongoing journey and you never actually reach an end, Debbie has helped me to peel back the layers of the onion and explore a little deeper each and every time. I really hope to continue to work with Debbie long into the future. Her skills, passion and and approach truly have been gifts for me.

Debbie has been the confidential ear, she has helped me find answers to barriers I had built up. What amazed me throughout the whole coaching experience is the way Debbie has shown me the answers are something I already had and has shown me how to find them.
Not only has Debbie helped me overcome a number of barriers I had put in front of myself for my professional life but her guidance has helped massively in my personal life. 
I am a different person to the one at my first coaching session and I can’t thank Debbie enough.

My first coaching session with Debbie was just before the Christmas break. I was overwhelmed by both my personal and professional life. A situation where I felt stuck in my life, so having a coaching session was just going to be another new experience I wasn’t prepared for.
Within five minutes of talking to Debbie I was put at ease, nerves diminished, and was speaking so openly like she was an old friend. I hadn’t realised how many fears and insecurities I had, Debbie enabled me to see my fears and accept them as challenges to embrace.

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