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Image by Juliana Malta

To find more joy and lightness in the festive season

Join me on Zoom for a 2 Hour Live Experience on Sunday 27th November 2022 5pm - 7pm + 30 minute live sessions EVERY week in December!

To help you find your way back to yourself so that you can feel joy, light and connection during the festive season after the loss of a loved one.  

In this Experience, you will discover my proven signature four-pillar approach to finding you again in grief.  


What if it was possible to….



  • Connect with ourselves

  • To nature

  • To others

  • To our legacy

  • To the part of you that only your loved one knew

  • To the dark place that has been buried, but now you know that you were being planted.


  • Create our best life by learning how to 

  • manage our thought cycles

  • manage our triggers

  • work out our needs vs desires

  • create bridging rituals to help us transition to joy

  • Rehabilitate your energy

  • Create a home that serves you as a sanctuary


  • Thrive & Celebrate in the holidays

  • Celebrate who we are

  • Celebrate your loved one

  • Celebrate life

  • Avoiding grief can mean avoiding life - Goodbyes can be beautiful


  • We will dig deep to find out what matters to you and what difference you can make in your corner of the world.

  • What changes can you make to break unhealthy cycles? For yourself, your children, your ancestors seven generations from now?

  • Release fear around planning for the future.